[Download] Crawle 0.3.0 PTV - 1
22-03-2012, 11:55 PM
Alright so here's the first PTV for the new big patch. This version does not reflect the final version of this patch, considering that I plan to do A LOT more changes.

0.2.5 --> 0.3.0
- New bars.

- Fixed sound and music (lol).
- Fixed sound and music options (lol again).
- Fixed the camera system!
- Fixed the merchant not changing to his zombie sprite at night.
- Fixed NPC names not centering.
- Fixed the save button in the options menu not working.
- Fixed inputs not being recognized.

- New random generation.
- Reduced Merchant spawn rate.
- Increased disease rate.
- Going below 50% hunger or thirst will drain your health.
- Dungeons are no longer saved in the world file.
- All worlds except Unforgiving worlds are now based on 'death chances':
- Die once: sent back to respawn point.
- Die twice: lose items, exp, etc.
- Die three times: like Unforgiving mode, your world is deleted.
- Hard mode only has two chances: lose items, exp, etc and permadeath.
- Reverted dungeons back to old maze format, temporarily.
- Even more code cleaning!
- NPCs now respawn every 30 seconds.
- Improved NPC AI to comply with the new collision system.
- Folder cleaning.
- Added more NPCs to dungeons.
- Time is now saved in the world data folder.
- Removed F to unlock FPS.

- Walking sound.
- Health bar.
- Holes now teleport you to dungeons.
- Collisions.
- EXP bar.
- You now gain 15 EXP per day and 30 EXP per week.
- Very minimal and temporary combat system.
- NPC health bars.
- Dungeon portals to teleport you back home.
- Escape to exit to the main menu whilst not in-game.
- F to hide/show the GUI.
- M to hide/show world info.


Run the runmefirst.exe first!

Professional code monkey.

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